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Welcome to the ISA-HS Online Application!

ISA-HS has made it easy for you to apply. Please read through the following four steps thoroughly with your parent(s) and you'll be on your way toward an exciting opportunity to study abroad. To apply by mail download the ISA-HS Application.

If you and your parent(s) have already read these instructions and are ready to begin, apply now.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note: This online application is for U.S. residents only and must be completed both by the student and his/her parent(s). The student's parent(s) is required to pay the $200 program deposit with a valid credit card. Please have the card ready before beginning the application. If you live outside of the U.S. or if you wish to pay the deposit with a check or money order, you must mail your application. Download ISA-HS Application.

The credit card provided will only be used for the program deposit. If you are accepted, your program fee must be paid prior to the payment deadline to avoid a late fee. You may pay the remaining balance by check and/or credit card.


Meet the minimum requirements

Age Requirements
  • Students must be 15 years of age by the program departure date for programs in Aix-en-Provence, Shanghai, Granada, Cusco, Salamanca, and Malaga.
  • Students must be 14 years of age by the program departure date for programs in Heredia, Sorrento, and Sevilla.
Language Requirements
  • Cusco: 2 years of Spanish or equivalent
  • Aix-en-Provence, Granada, Heredia, Malaga, Salamanca, Sevilla: 1 year of the foreign language or equivalent
  • Shanghai, Sorrento: No language requirement
Academic Requirements
  • High school transcript submitted with ISA-HS application and demonstrating an acceptable level of academic performance.
  • Teacher letter of recommendation submitted with ISA-HS application and preferably completed by a foreign language teacher.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements but are still interested in applying, please contact ISA-HS


The purpose of the ISA-HS program is foreign language acquisition and cultural learning within a safe environment. Students are not supervised 24 hours a day. Although alcohol consumption is prohibited on any ISA-HS program, students may be offered alcoholic beverages and they may be asked to stay out past curfew by other students or locals. ISA-HS students must be able to say "no" to these persuasions. It is the parent's responsibility to determine if his/her child has the maturity level and independence required for this program. Students in violation of the ISA-HS Code of Conduct including the Alcohol, Tobacco and Curfew Policies will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including dismissal from the program. Parents of dismissed students will be responsible for purchasing a one-way airline ticket home on the next available flight and the cost of ground transportation to the airport for the student and accompanying ISA-HS staff.

Please read the ISA-HS Code of Conduct before applying.


  Gather the necessary information

In order to be admitted to an ISA-HS program, ALL applicants must provide the following:
  • The complete application, which ISA-HS will automatically receive at the end of the online form.
  • The $200 deposit, paid by credit card at the end of this application process. If you are accepted, this deposit will be deducted from the program price. Please review our refund policy for more details about the deposit.
  • One copy of your high school transcript. Official and unofficial copies are acceptable. Transcripts must include student's name, high school address and contact information. Transcripts may also be submitted via email or fax.
  • Teacher Recommendation: ISA-HS prefers all recommendations to be completed by a foreign language teacher for language immersion programs. The recommendation may be completed online. Be sure to notify your teacher of the program city and session you are applying for. (Complete Online)
For this application you will need to provide:
  • Your passport number, if you already have one. If you don't have one yet, please mail or fax in a copy of the first page of your passport when you receive it.
  • Session, Date, and Price of the program for which you are applying
  • Titles and grades of relevant language/literature courses you have already taken
Please collect this information before you begin the application. You will not be able to save your progress to complete later.


  Check due dates and review the ISA-HS refund policy

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. ISA-HS accepts applications on a rolling basis. Online applications are considered incomplete until ISA-HS has received the required materials listed above in section 2. All application materials will be reviewed by the ISA-HS staff to determine acceptance. All students and parents will be notified of the student's status via email. All application packets submitted after the application deadline must include payment for the full program price.

Check the application and final payment deadlines for the program of your choice and submit your application accordingly. Students who do not pay in full by the final payment due date are subject to a late fee of $150.

Before you continue, please review the ISA-HS refund policy:

The final deadline for withdrawal from any ISA-HS program is 14 days prior to the departure date of the program. If a student withdraws after this final deadline, no refund will be given, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. All withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing by the student or parent/guardian. If a student withdraws from the program prior to this final deadline for withdrawal, the ISA-HS refund policy is as follows:
  • If participant withdraws from the program on or before the application deadline appearing in the ISA-HS catalog/website, the deposit less $150 is refundable. This applies to all students, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. The application deposit is part of the program price and not an additional fee.
  • If participant withdraws from the program after the application deadline but prior to the final forms and payment deadline appearing in the ISA-HS catalog/website, ISA-HS will refund all but $500. This applies to all participants, regardless of the reason for withdrawal.
  • If participant withdraws from the program 1-9 days after the final forms and payment deadline but prior to the withdrawal deadline appearing in the ISA-HS catalog/website, ISA-HS will refund all but $750 plus any costs incurred by ISA-HS on behalf of participant.
  • If participant withdraws from the program 10-20 days after the final forms and payment deadline but prior to the withdrawal deadline appearing in the ISA-HS catalog/website, ISA-HS will refund all but $1,000 plus any costs incurred by ISA-HS on behalf of participant.
  • If participant withdraws from the program 21 or more days after the final forms and payment deadline but prior to the withdrawal deadline appearing in the ISA-HS catalog/website, ISA-HS will refund all but $1,500 plus any costs incurred by ISA-HS on behalf of participant

Signing and returning all documents in your acceptance packet is your responsibility. If you fail to return the documents after repeated notification (email or call), you will be deemed withdrawn and will not be eligible for any refund.

If you change or defer to another ISA-HS program after the payment due date but prior to the final deadline to withdraw, ISA-HS may assess a $500 change fee plus costs incurred. Program changes are not permitted 1-14 days prior to the start of the program.

ISA-HS advises students and parents to confirm that the minimum enrollment requirement for their program has been met before purchasing airfare. ISA-HS reserves the right to cancel or adjust program dates to accommodate host university calendar changes, and is not responsible for airline fare or ticket change fees incurred by program participants.

Optional Program Withdrawal Protection - Withdrawal Protection guarantees a full refund of the program cost less the program deposit and withdrawal protection fee under any circumstance provided that withdrawal is completed prior to the program's departure date. Learn more here.

Prices and dates are subject to change without notice.



Complete this online application and prepare the remainder of your application materials

In the next pages you will provide the information ISA-HS needs to evaluate your application. Please read each step of the application carefully and fill out all fields completely.

We'll receive your online application as soon as you complete the process and your credit card has been approved for the program deposit. You will also be provided with access to the additional forms, which must be submitted online or downloaded and mailed to ISA-HS (Teacher Recommendation). All other materials (high school transcript) must be mailed to ISA-HS. In order to be considered, the online application must be completed and all required materials listed in Section 2 must be postmarked by the application deadline. Review due dates here.

Don't forget to double-check your application and materials. When it is complete, send it to ISA-HS at:

ISA High School (ISA-HS)
1112 W. Ben White Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704

The information you are about to enter is submitted over a secure, SSL-encrypted connection. You should be accessing this page at All information submitted will be retained for internal use only, and will not be shared with anyone outside of ISA-HS.

After you have read all of the information on this page, click the button below to begin.